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Georgia’s Todd Grantham Focusing on Kentucky Not Contract Extension

Chip Towers of the Atlanta Journal Constitution wrote a follow up article to my previous blog post. His current article is titled “Georgia’s Todd Grantham Focusing on Kentucky, Not Contract Extension.” Grantham says he is focusing on preparing for Kentucky’s offense and leaving contract negotiations to his agent. “You hire people to do a job for you and I let him handle that part of it,” Grantham added. “My focus is getting the defense to play well and getting us ready for the Kentucky game and getting ready to win the SEC East, truthfully.”

With the Bulldogs on an 8 game winning streak, Grantham’s defense has climbed to number 4 in the nation. He admits that he would love to one day be a head coach but as stated before, his eyes are focused on clenching the title. 

I commend Todd Grantham for focusing on the Kentucky game rather than just caring about renewing his contract. Right now tomorrow’s game is clearly more important to the bulldog nation. However, once the season ends, I am curious to see whether he goes for the contract renewal or a new position at a different school or even in the NFL.

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