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NCAA ends Investigation of Cam Newton

  Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta Journal Constitution tackles the topic of the NCAA completing their investigation of Cam Newton.  The NCAA just concluded the case, so there has been much discussion about the issue.  He takes a very neutral stance and does a good job showing both sides of the argument considering the heated circumstances of the topic.

The fact that the NCAA completed the investigation of Cam Newton probably has many people very angry about the situation.  I admit that I was one of the people that thought that Cam Newton was guilty no matter what the evidence said and that Auburn should not have won the National Championship, but I may be a little biased.  However, I think that the NCAA made the right decision to dismiss the case.  There was evidence that the father did solicit money, but there was no evidence that his son knew about the situation, so they cannot punish him and Auburn University without there being sufficient evidence that Cam Newton was in fact involved with the deal.

Schultz explains that there were many people who say, despite what the evidence says, Newton had to have known about the money and there is no question that he is guilty, but you have to take a neutral standpoint and look at the evidence and see if he was really guilty.  You have to think about how if they did not win the National Championship and if he did not win the Heisman, would the investigation have been as big of a deal.  Also, you have to think about if you did not have any bias against Auburn, would you still think the same thing about the situation.  The statement by the NCAA states that they have made 80 interviews and none of them have concluded with sufficient evidence against Cam Newton.  So, it is in fact good that the NCAA dismisses the case unless sufficient evidence happens to appear.

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  1. landon93
    October 14, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    From when I was born in January of 1993 till about April 25, 2011, I was a die-hard, wear all the gear, go to the games in Jordan-Hare, yell “War Eagle”, Cammy Cam Juice, blue-and-orange blooded Auburn fan. I must admit, last football season was a great way to end my full-throttled allegiance. I was one of those people that believed Cam was innocent, probably because I was biased. But not only because I was an Auburn fan, but just knowing how Auburn works and how Gene Chizik represents the university and the team, I would have been extremely surprised if they had paid Cam money, especially 6 figures, to play for their football team. Every team has their ups and downs, rights and wrongs, but to pay a player THAT much money would have been ridiculous! This was a big scandal, probably the most controversial, but if Auburn had been found in violation, that would have just added to its legacy. Yes, the NCAA did make the right decision in this case. It shouldn’t matter what team you root for, when it comes down to fairness and equality, people shouldn’t be quick to judge without the proper evidence to back up what they’re trying to prove. All in all, great news!

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